Collaboration without distractions.

Don’t let communication tools take control of your productivity, Brief is a more focused, organized workspace with minimal distractions.

  • >95%

    of employees report being distracted during the workday.

  • 11 min

    a typical employee gets only 11 minutes between each interruption.

  • 5-6 min

    to recover from each interruption amounting up to 1-2 hours a day.

Team chat is a 🏃🏻 never ending conveyorbelt where important things gets lost in noise, and noise kills productivity.

  • ✍ Thread-first culture

    Scope conversations by topic and people, recap or conclude when talk is over.

  • 🧠 Productivity mode

    Channel chat does not notify people when on productivity mode (silent-mode in team-wide focus hours).

  • 📝 Collaborative notes

    Share, curate, and collaborate on notes and ideas with your team in real-time.

“Brief naturally encouraged concise, scoped communication and cut back on the flood of chat notifications which ultimately increased our productivity.”
Emil Hajric
CEO of Helpjuice, Inc

Less chaos, More results 👌

Healthy communication has a structure. Get one with Brief!

Group chat demands your attention, Email is too cumbersome, what if there’s a productivity tool that takes the best of both worlds and doesn’t destroy your focus.

  • Threads first, chat second

    Keep communication organized and scoped by topic and relevant people. Encourage concise messages and conclude threads when done.

  • Scheduled, real-time chat/video

    Schedule meetings/chats to burn through issues, Brief guarantees you blocks of time where you work interruption-free.

  • Recap conversations

    Conversations can grow long while many ideas are thrown around. Brief lets you recap with bullet points so others catch up easily.

  • Notifications that scale

    Notifications are consolidated and delivered once every 30 minutes. Something's urgent? Instantly notify people with “Priority” threads.

  • Gather feedback easily

    Embed transparent polls in conversations and make it easy for your entire team to participate in making key decisions.

  • Collaborative notes

    Create and share ideas, notes, and documents with your team. Collaborate and edit in real-time! Like, comment, and more.